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Wedding Favors With Panache--Say 'I Do' To Corkscrews!
Wedding favors have a tradition dating back as early as the Roman dynasty. It's a time-honored tradition enjoyed by many cultures and in American society, it has become an integral part of acceptable wedding etiquette. So, just what is a wedding favor?

Wedding favors are an effective way to express heartfelt thanks to your friends, family and loved ones for being a part of your special day. But they can do so much more. Personalized wedding favors or wedding favors that reflect your theme can serve as lasting souvenirs of your momentous occasion. And wedding favors can add flair to the table setting. However, the best thing about giving wedding favors is that you reach each of your loved ones in a personal way, and share something about yourselves that they can take away and treasure.

Typically, chocolates, sugar-coated almonds, cookies as well as a host of other sweets have been offered as wedding favors throughout the years. But, today's couples are opting for a more personalized, creative direction with their favors. Today, favors range from corkscrews to small picture frames to custom labels on wine bottles. The list is endless since favors can be just about anything that the bride and groom can imagine as a special memento for their guests.

By far, one of the most popular favors on wedding banquet tables today are corkscrews. Why? Let us uncork the reasons...

Often associated with weddings is the traditional toast to the married couple. Champagne or wine is usually the drink of choice. A toast is a way of honoring the couple’s new life together and wishing their life together to be prosperous and full of love. No wine toast is complete without a corkscrew.

As the wine craze continues to sweep the nation, there is no better choice for stylish and practical wedding favors than corkscrews. Distinctive and useful, corkscrews can be personalized any way you desire. And offering personalized corkscrews to your guests will certainly give the impression that you have gone "over the top", yet they are surprisingly affordable. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to give away memorable wedding favors on your special day--for example, you can find many elegant choices for as little as .89 cents!



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