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7 Ways You Can Boost Sales with Custom Corkscrews 

As a leading supplier of custom corkscrews for winery owners all across North America, I’ve talked to hundreds of winery owners and tasting room managers. One of the topics we often discuss is how they’re using custom wine openers to help increase wine sales. Here’s a quick summary of the most common uses: 


          Use corkscrews with your logo in your tasting room.

        Every time customers see your logo it reinforces the uniquenss of your brand.


          Offer custom corkscrews for sale to build brand recall.

       Customers will remember your winery if they see your winery logo on a regular basis. 


          Use logo wine openers as a promo item. 

        Adding a custom corkscrew for no extra charge is a great low-cost thank-you gift for high-value customers. 


          Incentives for your wine club. 

        When customers sign up for your wine club, give them a logo corkscrew as a special welcome gift.  


          Rewards for your retail accounts. 

        Increase your brand awareness by supplying restaurants with waiters’ corkscrews that feature your logo.  


          Wedding favors. 

        Offer engaged couples a corkscrew wedding favor with their wedding info on one side and your logo on the other side to remind wedding guests of your wines every time they pull a cork. 


          Distributor promos. 

        Team up with your distributors to provide your custom corkscrews as a small thank-you gift for new business or key accounts.  


You’re probably already doing some of these things, but maybe one or two will spark a new idea to help you sell a few more bottles or cases.  




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